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1157 Model

Professional Grade Quality

Our 1157 dual element LED bulbs have a twist metal base and are in high demand for brake and tail lights.  Ideal for automotive enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in high-performance, high-quality LED automotive lighting. 

These bulbs all feature our celebrated exclusive patented maximum brightness hyperformance tm dual element control circuitry that uses ALL L.E.D.s for both Brake/Turn and Tail.  All LEDs are full bright for brake/turn and All LEDs are 1/3 bright for tail for maximum brightness, visibility, coverage, spread, illumination, performance, and safety.  Don’t be fooled by false claims of others who use some LEDs for brake/turn and some for tail.  They are infact inferior to ours.  Not only do we use ALL LEDs for both operation modes, our LEDs are much brighter and have a wider viewing angle.  Unlike the knockoffs, ours are designed to maintain their brightness for the life of the bulb

1157 Hyper Bulbs are the brightest dual element LED bulbs available on the market.  Use them in any related application for knock-your-socks-off performance.  Available in Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and White.







1157 Super Bulbs are a great deal brighter than incandescent bulbs.  Available in Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and White.







1157 Standard Bulbs are used for a wide variety of applications on most automotive models.  These bulbs increase performance and quality with a minimum of expense.  Comparable to other bulbs on the market.  Available in Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, and White. 







1157 Flash Bulbs can be used to add that extra touch to your automotive lighting.  When the brake is applied, they flash in a regular strobe pattern.  Very popular with official vehicles, motorcycles and specialty vehicles. Available in Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, and White.

1157-EYF 1157-EBF  
1157-EGF 1157-ERF 1157-EWF


1157 Wide Angle Bulbs are perfect for those who want a high-performance, high-quality LED bulb with a wider light spray.  Available in 50 and 100 degree light spread, in Amber and Red.




1157 Super Bright Red 12 LED Packaged Pair Bulbs


US Patent 6,371,636 Other Patents Pending
US Patent 6,786,625 Other Patents Pending

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