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194 Model

Our line of 194 mini 3-digit wedge LED bulbs are the perfect choice for upgrading inner car lighting as well as motorcycle and upper brake light use.  Engineered for the distinguished user who wants only the finest quality custom lighting available on the market today. These bulbs are offered in multiple configurations for the ultimate in precision lighting.
Hyper and Super bright 194 bulbs are all Non-Polarized Universal Application unless requested otherwise.  Exclusive Hyperformance TM control circuitry with pending patent provides for proper operation in all applications.  These are the ONLY 194 LED bulbs in existence that work in Chevy, GMC, and Jeep Wig Wag Turn Signals, where the voltage reverses.  They work no matter which way you plug them in too.  Professional Grade Quality/Hyperformance

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Professional Grade Quality







194 Hyper Bulbs are our best-selling bulbs.  These 4-LED models are brighter than any other of their type on the marketNon-polarized for ease of installation.  Available in Amber, Blue, Green, Red, Ultra-Violet, and White.







194 Super Bulbs are noticeably brighter than stock and incandescent bulbs.  These 4-LED models are non-polarized for ease of installation.  Available in Amber, Blue, Green, Red, Ultra-Violet, and White.







194 Standard Bulbs are a perfect upgrade over OEM lighting at a value price.  Our Standard bulbs are comparable to other bulbs on the market.  Available in Round for a traditional look or Convex for a larger light spread, in Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Ultra-Violet, and White.  See our Color Changing page for color changing model.




194 Wide Angle Bulbs are ideal for those who want the quality of a Jam Strait Hyper 4-LED bulb designed for a wider light spread.  The top of the 4 LEDs are slightly convexed to provide a greater range of light spread.  Great for use in brake and turn signal lights.  Available in 50 and 100 degrees in Amber, Red, and White.



194 90 Degree Angle Bulbs are basically our Hyper Bulbs with a slight twist.  The LEDs are mounted to the circuit card at a 90 degree angle so that the main force of the light is directed to the side.  Perfect for turn signals or custom interior lighting.  Available in Amber and Red.




Hyper Bright Amber and Red Packaged Pairs


US Patent 6,786,625 Other Patents Pending

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